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chedi muscat: joy

joy …. (arabic calligraphy)

chedi muscat: faith

faith …. (arabic calligraphy)

chedi muscat: love

Love ….. (arabic calligraphy)

amsterdam, netherlands: herengracht

townhouses on herengracht




townhouses on herengracht





ducks bathing in a canal




chedi muscat: mangosteen


wow, i love trying new things

in this case, i tasted mangosteen for the first time

it is a fruit that originated in sunda islands and the moluccas of indonesia.

it is sweet, but no overly so

and the texture of the flesh/meat reminds me of  lychee

absolutely delightful

(photo from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mangosteen.jpeg)

chedi muscat: harmony


harmony …. (arabic calligraphy)

valdres, norway

frozen lake



man walking in forest