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muscat, oman: skype

i wasn’t really sure whether or not oman banned certain websites

i thought about it

and figured that it’s highly likely that websites with pornographic content would be banned

but other than that i wasn’t quite sure


i sat down to make a call using skype

i logged in

or at least tried to

for some reason the site would not connect

so i tried to change my password hoping that would resolve the problem

the message i received:

Dear User,

This site has been blocked due to content that is contrary to the societal and cultural norms of the sultanate. However, if you believe that the website you are trying to access does not contain any such content, please fill in and submit the form below.”


i did not fill it out, nor did i submit the form

fascinating ….


chedi muscat: looking out

looking out the window



view from bed




chedi muscat: joy

joy …. (arabic calligraphy)

chedi muscat: faith

faith …. (arabic calligraphy)

chedi muscat: love

Love ….. (arabic calligraphy)

amsterdam, netherlands: herengracht

townhouses on herengracht




townhouses on herengracht





ducks bathing in a canal




chedi muscat: mangosteen


wow, i love trying new things

in this case, i tasted mangosteen for the first time

it is a fruit that originated in sunda islands and the moluccas of indonesia.

it is sweet, but no overly so

and the texture of the flesh/meat reminds me of  lychee

absolutely delightful

(photo from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mangosteen.jpeg)

chedi muscat: harmony


harmony …. (arabic calligraphy)